Are you a Black Woman who dreams of moving past racial trauma and social conditioning to connect to your intuition, reclaim your agency, honor your ancestors, and expand your freedom practices?

Then Dream Yourself Free 6- Month Masterclass Intensive is for you.

People's reasons for joining:

  • To be their whole selves
  • To have liberation today and to have joy; to live a life that honors their ancestors
  • To become more embodied; to heal themselves and their family
  • To reclaim personal agency
  • Because they feel like their on the precipice of being great
  • To find out who they could be outside of a 9 to 5
  • To figure out what their dreams are
  • To connect to intuition
  • To become more fearless in pursuing their purpose
  • To transition from a life or struggle and/or talking about race
  • To move past racial trauma
  • To be in community with black women
  • To heal from conditioning

Seats are limited, and this Masterclass will fill up quickly. Apply Today!

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